Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crock Pot Tamales

Can you believe this is the only picture I got!?  I love tamales.  Like seriously love them.  I have had a recipe for them for years now and have never gotten around to making them because I don't have a steamer.  So I googled if  you can make them in the crock pot, and Ahhh (angels singing), you can!!  I would suggest getting crock pot bags or the bags that you cook turkeys in and put the tamales in that because mine got a little dark on the bottom layer and to the sides, but nothing that changes the taste, the husk suffered the brunt of it. (I also have a broken lid on both of my crock pots, so my crock pots are ghetto anyway).  These were oh o incredible.  I made enough to stick some in the freezer for future use!!!  And as a tip, make sure you pick out the larger corn husk pieces to use for your tamales. I found mine at Walmart.  I looked at a few other stores first and couldn't find them.  But they were in the international section of Walmart.  I know the directions seem like a lot, but they aren't too bad.  You don't have to prepare the meat the night before if you would rather do it the day of.  But it is nice to get it out of the way.  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A new Spaghetti

I love spaghetti, and my kids love spaghetti...however, my other half does not like it so much.  He will eat it, but isn't a big saucy meal fan.  But since he is gone most evenings I make it anyway :).  This is a new recipe I found is more of a spaghetti  bolognese -which I love.  It is supposed to be part of the Paleo diet (I have no idea what that is) and the author suggests using spaghetti squash (which I want to try out), but I just used it with everyday noodles!!!

Taco Bake

 This one surprised me.  To be honest, I didn't have high hopes for it, but it spiked my interest enough to make it.  It turned out really good.  The crescent rolls and Doritos gave it a different taste so it stood out amongst to the vast world of taco dishes.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spinach Chicken Lasagna Rolls

I love Pinterest.  Who doesn't?  We try 1 or 2 things a week that I find on it.  This just happens to be one of them.  Ooo it was good.  And a nice new recipe to throw into the mix.  I made some changes from the original recipe to fit our taste, and it turned out great!